DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Building Ukraine DAO

Pod-Specific Governance

Various Ukraine DAO’s working groups (Pods) govern themselves autonomously - as long as their activities are in line with the DAO's Ukraine DAO Culture Handbook .

One of the main principles by which Ukraine DAO operates is that we do not want to do want to do things that Ukrainians wouldn't want us to do.

Example: Collaborating with any project promoting "reconciliation" between Ukraine and russia. Why? Because it's not appropriate during genocide.

Pod Leads - Facilitating Work

The Best DAO Onboarding is a Meaningful Relationship

Please note that Ukraine DAO is still a very young organisation and the framework described above may change as Ukraine DAO develops.

In Progress

Fact-Checking & Media Literacy Mindful Webz - Mental Health #Web3ForGood Translation & Writing Ukrainian Culture Hub Кібербезпека

Ukraine DAO Trucks UkraineDAO.eth - TreasuryUkraine DAO In The Media Legal Pod

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