🚨 Note from Alona, Ukraine DAO’s Ops Lead, 13 October 2022

Hey everyone! My friend Chris Occhicone has been photographing in the military hospital in Toretsk. They treat injured soldiers as well as civilians. Their task is to remove shrapnel, stop bleeding, stabilise the patients, and evacuate them to a better equipped and safer hospital. The hospital has recently been shelled twice. Once - destroying windows and killing a woman who was coming to collect the body of her husband killed by a russian shelling the day before. They are working in an under-equipped hospital, with no running water, intermittent electricity (they have a generator), are within 2 kilometers of russian forces, and are being shelled. They desperately need a portable ultrasound machine.

✅ Update: 21 October 2022

We’ve been informed that the fundraiser has been successfully completed, thank you very much everyone! Toretsk project on UK4UA website - https://uk4ua.org/uk4ua/donations/toretsk/

About UK4UA

<aside> 🚐 UK4UA are a group of volunteers doing outstanding work delivering vital medical supplies to Ukraine - follow on social networks and consider donating. Also, explore the page we made about them:




Most of you will recognise this photo of a girl under fire evacuating dogs with disabilities from Irpin.


Chris Occhicone is the author of that photograph.


Ukraine DAO Talks w/ Chris Occhicone

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