<aside> 💡 «Come Back Alive» is an independent non-governmental organization helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To donate to Come Back Alive: savelife.in.ua/donate


<aside> <img src="/icons/heart-outline_gray.svg" alt="/icons/heart-outline_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Ukraine DAO x Come Back Alive - Our Work Together Ukraine DAO has donated 1632.61 ETH (1550.5 ETH equivalent to about $4 million in spring 2022 and 82.11 ETH in spring 2024) to Come Back Alive.

The 1550.5 ETH donation became the largest donation in Come Back Alive’s history.

Apart from financial help, we've been actively working with CBA in various other ways, mainly including information & translation support.

In our video “Why Did You Stay in Ukraine?” released in collaboration with Come Back Alive, Ukrainian soldiers open up and share why they stayed behind to fight for their country. Read the full story here.


Translation Work

Come Back Alive - Annual Report 2022

<aside> <img src="/icons/heart-outline_gray.svg" alt="/icons/heart-outline_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Ukraine DAO translated Come Back Alive annual report for 2022. You can check it out at the following link:

Annual report 2022 - savelife.in.ua


Річний звіт 2022 - savelife.in.ua







Why it is necessary to be with your country” - the interview with the director of Hermitage

Day 122. Why it is necessary to be with your country

“What r*ssia should do with Ukraine?” - a genocide plan published by RIA Novosti

Come Back Alive about Ukraine DAO


“You may have noticed that Come Back Alive uses cryptocurrency wallets alongside standard bank accounts. After the full-scale Russian invasion, alternative fundraising methods play an essential role in supporting our army.

The crypto community has organized several crowdfunding events to support the military and proved that cryptocurrencies had become not just a new technology but an effective method of protecting democratic values.

Since February 24, we have raised almost $ 24 million in different cryptocurrencies. Funds are used for the needs of our defenders. So our team would like to recognize those who help protect our defenders' lives.

We thank Partners in the Crypto сommunity Ukraine DAO, Pray4Ukraine, Operation Sunflower, Reli3f, Tokens 4 Cause and others for contributing to Ukraine's victory and raising the awareness of international society about the Russian-Ukrainian war. Only by joint efforts will we be able to win and bring victory to Ukraine!”

Source: Come Back Alive LinkedIn

Come Back Alive on LinkedIn: You may have noticed that Come Back Alive uses cryptocurrency wallets…

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