If your home was under attack, would you stay behind to fight?

In a new video released by the “Come Back Alive” Foundation and Ukraine DAO, soldiers open up and share why they stayed behind to fight for their country. Everyone’s reasons are different and yet are profoundly the same; they love their country and will do whatever it takes to save it.

One man didn’t want his children to be born in a shelter; another was following in his grandfather’s footsteps to fight fascism. A third one wants his family to be able to return from Europe. All of them are giving everything to keep their homes.

This is the first step in a campaign highlighting the courage of Ukrainians who decided not to leave, but to TKTK: the ones who stayed. Through this effort, Come Back Alive and Ukraine DAO want to share their stories and show the power and determination of those choosing to remain behind in dangerous situations months into the war.



For more about our work together: Come Back Alive

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