<aside> 🎙️ A selection of recommended Twitter Spaces and podcasts about Ukraine.

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<aside> 🎙️ Ukraine DAO Talks is a Ukraine-centric podcast covering the russian invasion, disinformation, Ukrainian culture, Web3 and cybersecurity.

Recommended Ukrainian Twitter Spaces & Podcasts

Культурний подкаст

<aside> 💡 Yewleea
A podcast by Yulia, an independent reporter, activist and the voice of United24 Ukraine Briefly.

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<aside> 🇺🇦 Power Lines From Ukraine to the World is a brand-new podcast that maps out the reverberations of the war in Ukraine on the global stage. Produced by Kyiv Independent. Hosted by Anastasia Lapatina and Jakub Parusinski.

Power Lines +


❗️No Ukrainian panels without Ukrainian voices

No public discussion about Ukraine should be happening without Ukrainians or silence and belittle us when we speak - it happens every single day.

#No Ukrainian panels without Ukrainian voices

In Progress - Yehor Brailian’s Spaces