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❗Information on deepfakes and detection

❗Information on how to detect edited media

❗Information on how to verify and share information in war

❗Fact-checking resources

Tips on how to detect deepfakes

Deepfakes are created through machine learning and artificial intelligence to replicate the voice and face of a selected figure. The rise of deepfakes began with pornographic material but analysts warn that deepfakes may become more prominent in the political sector and have been used to target politicians for years.

What are deepfakes and why are they dangerous?

Ukrainian intelligence services warned that deepfakes of President Zelenskyy will be used to create confusion and potentially have a devastating impact on the war. It has happened on both sides, deepfakes of Putin have also circulated. As the war continues, and its accompanying information war, we can anticipate more deepfakes.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1499157365937119235|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

At times disinformation tactics will also be deployed with deepfakes, the first significant deepfake of Zelenskyy was labelled as a poor attempt. However, we cannot rule out that this was not an intentional release to prompt the idea in people's heads that Russia is “bad” at creating deepfakes.

Why deepfakes would be used in disinformation?

Deepfakes can create confusion and misinformation that lives within pockets of unclear media and takes advantage of this oxygen room. They may not want to present a full Ukraine surrender to the world but rather discombobulate the story