<aside> 🔱 The blockchain technology is transforming human rights, allowing to store evidence of russian war crimes in a way no one can tamper with - not even russians.


This will help make sure justice is served for Ukraine.

Ukraine DAO is helping Project Dokaz of the Starling Lab (Stanford + USC) document russian war crimes.

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From the blog post “Trustless Evidence”. Drftng With Ukraine, 12 June 2022

The Starling Lab is one of Ukraine DAO’s most important partnerships. Helping them could easily be some of the most impactful work we’ve done.

They use blockchain to record and store the world’s most important information - evidence of war crimes and genocide.

The data collected by our Ukrainian team in Kharkiv has now been submitted to the International Criminal Court, which is unprecedented for a DAO.

Huge thank you to Oleksii Karpovych and Alexander Sharma for this incredible work.


The Starling Framework for Data Integrity

The Starling Framework for Data Integrity is a joint project between the USC Shoah Foundation and Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering.

They are innovating with the latest cryptographic methods and decentralized web protocols to meet the technical and ethical challenges of establishing trust in our most sensitive digital records, such as the documentation of human rights violations, war crimes, and testimony of genocide.You can learn more about it by watching this video and visiting the Starling Lab’s official website.


How did Ukraine DAO’s work with the Starling Lab start?


In spring 2022, our press secretary called us and said that she knew of a Web3 project that we were absolutely going to love. That’s how I was introduced to Jonathan Dotan, the director of the Starling Lab who’s now become a dear friend.