Party.Space is a metaverse platform for online communities & remote teams.

Their clients compare events at Party.Space to their favourite online games, but from a single browser tab. A variety of intuitive 3D virtual spaces and extensive customization options will help you create the best virtual space for capturing your audience's attention.

Party.Space clients include Slack, Product Hunt, Nike and many other publicly traded and privately held companies in more than 50 countries.

They have found the formula for the most engaging online experiences:

Whether you're hosting a 50-person party or a 10,000-person conference, you’re in the company of hundreds of clients around the world using Party.Space to accomplish their community and marketing objectives.

Our Work Together

MetaHistory Closing Auction Ceremony

It was a huge honour for us to represent Ukraine DAO at the panel discussion on the topic "Role of the NFT art in supporting humanitarian effort & the restoration of the cultural heritage of Ukraine" with Alex Bornyakov, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Dmitry Buterin, Ukraine DAO Multisig member and Vitalik Buterin’s dad and Brittany Kaiser, a whistleblower & blockchain activitist.

Huge thank you to MetaHistory for inviting us and organising the event, to Denys Holovatyi for hosting it and to Party.Space for providing a beautiful virtual space for us to hang out!

Virtual Auction Closing Ceremony: MetaHistory museum of war at Party.Space

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