How to support Ukrainians 101:

✅ listening to Ukrainians

✅ whenever possible, giving them a platform to speak

❌ teaching Ukrainians about russians

❌ telling Ukrainians how they should feel and what's ok to say

❌ silencing Ukrainians or shame them for being angry

❌ lecture people on the ground in Ukraine of any nationality

❌ assume that your opinion is VERY important and Ukrainians should listen to it & be polite and grateful

Info centre run by our friends with info on how to help Ukraine from various countries:

Other ways to support Ukrainians

  1. Explore **Real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner by**
  2. Check out the info below from the Twitter thread by Olga Tokariuk on how to support Ukraine.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&

Ukrainian Institute London - Russia’s war against Ukraine.What can you do to support Ukraine & Ukrainians?

If you’d like to offer help to Ukrainians through Ukraine DAO, please fill out this Ukraine DAO Contact form.

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