While the world of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and hate speech is still in a rather infancy period of understanding, here at Ukraine DAO we wish to acknowledge that despite this there are many victims of disinformation who unfortunately are not acknowledged.

We would love to be in contact with you and feel free to reach out through this form.

💛 You are not alone

Disinformation aims to target individuals, its malicious purpose aims to harm all different kinds of people from different backgrounds, there is absolutely no shame in feeling victimised by disinformation.

💛 It is normal to sometimes feel physically ill

Disinformation is shared to cause harm, it is absolutely normal that you may have some physical symptoms after experiencing or consuming disinformation

❕ You may be targeted due to your gender

There is a growing amount of evidence that women are targeted by gendered disinformation purely due to the basis of identifying as a woman, sex-based narratives have increased since the war in Ukraine

❕ Attacks may feel personal

Information you may come across can feel personal and it is unfortunately meant to. Russian disinformation aims to polarise people and attack traits or characteristics, you may come across material that feels like it is directed at you. Attacks on aspects of ourselves hurt, and we understand that you may not feel comfortable after them, this is a normal feeling.

If you feel you are a victim of disinformation, we would love to get in touch with you, here is a form and one of our contributors will reach out to you. Here is our form.

💛 Don’t forget to check out Ukraine DAO’s mental health support service

Mindful Webz - Mental Health

MindfulWebz is Ukraine DAO’s mental health support project - we collect and publish resources on how to cope with the war-related trauma and provide a space for people to share their emotions.