<aside> 🏕️ Note: the episode of Campfire about Ukraine DAO came out in May 2022 and featured Alona’s conversation with Jackson about the impact of Ukraine DAO, common DAO problems and the russian invasion of Ukraine.


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#9 UkraineDAO: Wartime DAOs & Humanitarian Aid | Alona Shevchenko

About Campfire

Campfire is a limited series podcast translating the jargon of DAOs into plain English to help listeners understand how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations achieve wildly ambitious and creative goals.

Each week, host Jackson Steger is joined by different DAO leaders and operators to help explain the tactics, traditions, and goals of the different online communities. New episodes every Wednesday.

Campfire is produced by Cabin, which is a DAO building a decentralized city for independent online creators.

Learn more about Cabin at www.creatorcabins.com





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